Training and Certification Center

Welding & NDT Institute is the long effort result of a large and overqualified team with long experience in industry, shipping and construction. The main objective of the Welding & NDT Institute establishment is the creation of a modern, innovative and reliable educational and testing center for professional training and staff certification. In a difficult economic environment for Greek reality, we hope to contribute through training in innovative techniques and methods, in education and training of staff, inspectors, engineers, technicians and executives of the Greek industry, shipping, petrochemical and construction, raising in this way the quality of services and products in Greece. Aiming to provide services of excellent training techniques but also to ensure the integrity and equity of the examinations according to certified procedures of the Hellenic Society for Non-Destructive Testing (H.S.N.T), and educational organization Global Training we contribute to the emergence of trained and certified personnel which will be active and employed in the fields of Industry and Construction. Certification in Non Destructive Testing, which is formal professional competence, is provided by the Hellenic Society for Non-Destructive Testing (H.S.N.T), the unique Greek certification body accredited according to ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17024, ESYD 198.


The key strategic objectives that support our vision are:



Our expectation is to provide high quality services in order to meet our customers’ expectations.


For us each trainee is unique. Therefore, we adapt our services to each customer needs.


Avoiding waste of resources, we achieve to maintain our cost services at competitive levels.


Relying on our customers satisfaction, we operate actively in both international and Greek market, by reinvesting a significant part of our revenue in buildings, equipment, logistics but above all in the training of our manpower, in order to achieve the strategic objectives, fueling thereby a cycle of growth and progress.