Infrared Theromographic Testing (TT)

Training Contents

  • Temperature and heat
  • Temperature measurements
  • Radiation physics
  • Design of thermographic devices
  • Infrared thermographic measurements
  • Typical applications in sectors B, I and E
  • Measuring principles behind temperature and radiation sensors
  • Special methods
  • Laws of radiation physics
  • IR device engineering and system parameters
  • Boundary conditions for IR measurements and factors inhibiting them
  • A selection of model applications
  • Survey
  • Special methods

About the course

This training consists of the modules “fundamentals“ and “object analysis“. The training course deals with basic information on heat transfer, radiation physics and temperature measurement, in the fundamentals module the student’s knowledge of IR device engineering and IR measurement techniques will be reinforced. This module will be rounded off by a survey demonstrating the effectiveness of thermography. Infrared Thermography is an excellent Non Destructive Technique used efficiently in industry, electrical and civil engineering.