Welding & NDT Institute organizes educational technical seminars in the fields of Welding Industrial maintenance and industrial automation.

Through educational process, trainees have the opportunity to obtain appropriate knowledge and skills in the fields of: Drafting WPS / WPQR / WPQ, Certification of welders and techniques as the use of oxygen – acetylene propane (Oxy Fuel Welding), Welding with MMA, TIG or MIG / MAG, Welding Stainless Steel – Aluminium – Duplex, Welding with the method of Submerged Arc, Selection of  Welding Electrodes.

Furthermore, through modern educational strategies Welding & NDT Institute offers trainees the opportunity to obtain the appropriate knowledge in the following fields: Destructive or Non Destructive Testing, Quality Assurance / Quality Control, Heat Treatment – Hardness Testing Possitive Material Identification, Metallurgy for no Metallurgists, Vibration Correction and Rotating Equipment Alignment Testing.

  • Understanding WPS / WPQR / WPQ
  • Certification of Welders
  • Oxy Fuel Welding
  • Welding with MMA
  • Welding with TIG
  • Welding with MIG / MAG
  • Welding Stainless Steel – Aluminium – Duplex
  • Welding with Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
  • Selection of Electrodes
Seminars in the field of welding