Training courses organized by Welding & NDT Institute provide trainees both theoretical and practical background that is required in order to be able to apply in practice the non-destructive testing for which they are certified. 

The candidate for certification in non- destructive testing according to EN ISO 9712 (EN 473), has to be qualified as follows:


Certification EN-ISO-9712

1. Training

The candidate should have completed the training course for each method in a certified training center according to ISO / TR 25107. Note that, the training center has to operate according to the appropriate instructions resulting from ISO / TR 25108.

2. Experience in Non Destructive Testing

3. Vision Certificate

4. Successful outcome of examinations

The duration of the certification according to EN ISO 9712 (EN 473) is 5 years while according to SNT-TC-1A is 3 or 5 years.


Personnel certified to Level 1 may carry out Non Destructive Testing according to written instructions and under the supervision of Level 2 or Level 3 personnel.

Level 1 personnel may perform the followings:

a) set up NDT equipment

b) perform the tests

c) record and classify the results of the tests according to written criteria

d) report the results.

Personnel certified to Level 2 may perform and direct Non Destructive Testing according to the appropriate procedures. Level 2 personnel may

perform the followings:

a) select the NDT technique for the testing method to be used

b) define the limitations of application of the testing method

c) translate NDT codes, standards, specifications, and procedures into NDT instructions adapted to the actual working conditions

d) set up and verify equipment settings

e) perform and supervise tests

f) interpret and evaluate results according to applicable standards, codes, or specifications

g) prepare written control instructions

h) carry out and supervise all tasks at Level 1 and Level 2

i) provide guidance for personnel at Level 1 and Level 2

j) Classify and report the results of NDT.

Personnel certified to Level 3 may perform and direct any NDT operation for which is certified. Level 3 personnel may perform the followings:

a) assume full responsibility for a test facility or examination centre and staff

b) establish and validate NDT techniques and procedures

c) designate the particular test methods, procedures, and NDT instructions to be used

Moreover Level 3 personnel may be authorized:

a) evaluate and interpret results according to the existing standards, codes, specifications and procedures

b) have the sufficient practical knowledge of applicable materials, fabrication, process, and product technology to select NDT methods, establish NDT techniques, and assist in establishing acceptance criteria where none are otherwise available

c) have a general familiarity with other NDT methods

d) provide guidance for NDT personnel at all levels