Facilities and Equipment

Our approach to educational process uses modern teaching techniques is mainly focused on the creation of a safe and friendly learning environment via audiovisual means, presentations, group work, theoretical and practical training having as basic objective the sufficient preparation of trainees.

Theoretical Training

A theoretical background through notes, educational writings and preparation tests is provided to all trainees. All the above mentioned cover the whole range for each non-destructive method, and therefore the candidate becomes adequately prepared for the certification exams.

Practical Training

Welding & NDT Institute has the most complete collection of educational samples in Greece and the appropriate equipment for the practical exercising of trainees. In more details Welding & NDT Institute provides a wide collection of educational samples, casting, rolling, forging and welding with artificial discontinuities but also from real cases failures. In this way, a wide range of cases that the trainees could face in real time work is covered.

Welding & NDT Institute has a modern equipment in the fields of Welding and Welding Inspection, of Thermography and Non Destructive Testing, such as automatic welding machines, thermographic cameras, X-ray generator, X-ray illuminators, densitometers, Ultrasonic A-scan, Phased Array and TOFD devices, electromagnets and terminals for magnetic particle testing, bench unit, chamber for application of fluorescent and visible penetrants, equipment for visual inspection such as microcameras, endoscopes, Weld Gauge Kits and auxiliary equipment required for the implementation of each control.